Aircraft Accidents

Within certain limits, as set by the Geneva Convention respecting international air travel, airlines are insurers of your safety. This means that you generally do not have to prove negligence. Airlines will, however, evaluate the damages that are actually due you, and if you do not agree with that sum, you still have the right to sue. No one should deal with the airlines insurance company or the airline themselves without legal counsel. We are trained in evaluating the amount of damages due you in injury cases and with respect to wrongful death matters, we can determine a fair recovery for your loved ones.

All airplane crashes in the U.S.A.. are investigated by the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board). Their report is generally made public and can be used by us in most cases in preparing your case. This keeps costs of such a case to a minimum. Contact us today if you or someone you care for was injured in a plane crash. We handle matters related to airlines as well as small private planes.