Auto Accident Primer

Vehicular accidents often result in significant injuries to those involved. The law allows those injured through the negligence of another to collect an award of money damages. The amount of damages recoverable will be determined by the degree of negligence as well as the extent of injuries. Anyone involved in an automobile, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicular accident should contact us as soon as possible to see if they may have a claim for damages.

While the variations of possible accidents they may result in significant damages, some of the cases which we have successfully handled have involved intersection collisions, improper lane changes, failure to yield right-of-way, stop sign and stop light violations, speeding, and all manner of inattentive driving. Click here to read about some interesting cases we have handled.Vehicular accidents do not « just happen », but rather are due to the negligence of either the drivers involved or others causing the accident to happen.

Sometimes a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs causes an accident. While it is obvious that the driver is negligent in such a case, it is also true that the supplier of the alcohol or drugs or another may be liable for their acts resulting in the driver’s intoxication. This allows one who has been injured in such a case to seek recovery from not only the driver, but from other sources, such as the bar, restaurant, liquor store, or even private party who provided the alcohol. It is important to identify and make claim against all persons who may be liable for the injuries caused by the drunk or drugged driver.

It seems that with increasing frequency police officers and emergency vehicles are being involved in accidents causing injury to others. While the law provides some protection for the drivers of emergency vehicles, it does not allow them to operate their vehicles negligently. If you are injured as a result of an accident with a police car, fire engine, ambulance or other emergency vehicle, you should contact us to determine if there may be liability on the part of the driver so that you may collect money damages. An interesting case in which we were recently handledi and in which our client received a recovery of substantial damages, involved a state police car responding to a police call which struck the vehicle of our client coming out of a street controlled by a stop sign. While the state police investigated the accident and not surprising came to their conclusion that their officer was not negligence, the facts as brought out during the course of suit indicated otherwise.

Another area that must be considered in determining negligence and liability is often the design and maintenance of roadways. States or municipalities are usually responsible the streets and roads and, as a result, if an accident is caused in whole or in part as a result of a defectively designed or maintained roadway, claim should include the government entity responsible. Recent cases we have successfully handled have included defective design of highways, failure to maintain the roadways, and creating a hazard with temporary traffic control devices.