Injuries on Public Transportation

Imagine this scenario: You are riding to work on a city bus. There are no seatbelts. You are taking your safety for granted; after all, you never knew anyone injured in a bus accident. And if buses were prone to accidents, they would have installed seatbelts, right? Today is not going to be your day. The bus driver has other things on his mind; his children, his poor marital relations, the latest episode of the X-Files, whatever it is, it is most certainly not you. He turns his hear to look at a young woman. He anticipates that the vehicle that just started to move, will continue to accelerate forward. It doesn’t. He rams it. Not going too fast, about 5 or 10 m.p.h.. Fast enough, however, to cause you to ejected from your seat.

You have lost your laptop and your back has gone out again, but this time you hear a chilling popping sound. At first you feel OK. However, when you get home, you realize that are sensing a tingling and an increasing back pain. You cannot bend and you are having problems turning your neck. « Why did I tell the bus driver I was ok »you wonder. « I can’t sue now, » you think, « they are going to say I said I was alright at the time of the accident. » Anyway, who would I sue? They bus driver? The municipality? The maker of the bus. I forgot the bus number! I even forgot to get the name of the bus driver! What do I do now? You slowly realize that the recovery process is going to be even longer than the time you first injured your back.

These and other questions like the ones posed by our imaginary victim have been answered by the courts time and again. Our office knows that time is of the essence when bringing a claim against a municipality. For instance, did you know that in some jurisdictions, unless notice of a claim is given to a local government within a certain time period, your right to sue may be hindered, or forever barred? We have handled dozens of cases against municipalities and local governmental units. We know who to notify and when. In short, you should always seek the assistance of experienced counsel and you should do it promptly after an accident.

We are also skilled in handling matters involving non-governmental carriers; i.e. private buses, trains, etc. Call us for an appointment today.