Premises Liability Primer

Have you ever had an accident at the home of a friend, acquaintance, business associate, or any person you were visiting? Have you ever been injured, or wondered what would happen if you were injured on the premises of a store, market, or other place of business?

Recovery of money for your injuries may be easier than you think. There is a common misconception that you always need to prove that the accident is the fault of someone else to recover money for your medical bills. This may not always be the case. Most businesses, including most homeowners carry a policy of insurance that will pay at least the first $1,000 in medical costs without any proof of fault. In other words, in most cases, you can get paid for your medical expenses, at least to some extent even if you were careless! This does not apply if you intentionally injure yourself though.

What’s more, if the accident is the result of the negligence of someone else, you may be able to recover for your pain, suffering, and even for the loss of the services, companionship and company of your spouse if he or she is injured. This means that your spouse may recover money, as well as you if you were injured.

We have more than twenty years of experience in the proper handling of premises liability cases.  We know how to maximize your recovery in these matters. Our cases have run the gamut from slip and fall on a business premises to an injury received by a person in the home of her sister.  In the latter case, the plaintiff’s sister’s insurance company eventually paid her $40,000 after a fall over a curtain rod box.