Slips and Falls

It was bound to happen sooner or later. That fact does not diminish the pain, embarrassment and possible humiliation. You have taken a big one-right on your rear and in front of your friends, colleagues or co-workers. This could not be my fault. Well, maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t; but someone has to pay; after all, I’m hurt pretty badly, right? « I’m seeing my lawyer tomorrow! » you think to yourself. « I’m going to teach these bastards a lesson! »

As silly as this may appear, this is a perfectly natural feeling that many, if not most people have after falling. It may be on ice, on a sidewalk, or possibly on a discarded grape in a supermarket. It is not easy to accept the gaff as your own.

Although the refusal to ever take responsibility is wrong, the part about seeing a lawyer is usually not. Based upon years of litigation experience, we are trained to know what is a recoverable slip and fall, and what to leave alone. We can often get money for medical bills even if the fault was yours. Most of all, we will not waste your time and money pursuing matters we cannot win. This is the difference between our firm and certain less reputable firms.

For instance, you have slipped and fell on ice that has built up in front of your local mall. The fall has hurt you pretty badly. Enough to sue? Well maybe. But there is more. What if the ice formed overnight when the mall was closed and you fell at 7 a.m. What if the ice had formed after a brief rain and snap cold spell during business hours? What if you were in an area of the mall that is not generally open to the public as an employee?

The Pennsylvania courts have strict guideline on this very issue. They will not be bothered with just any slip and fall on ice. The ice must have had time to accumulate for a while before anyone is found liable to you. The courts have stated the ice must have hills and ridges in it as evidence of its accumulation period. In short, ice that accumulates after a flash freeze will be flat, and a fall on it does generally not create a viable cause of action. Our firm has handled dozens of these types of cases. Most of all, we know when to sue and when to just walk away. We know how to get your medical bills paid, even if you do not technically have a right to sue (i.e., insurance med-pay policies). Contact us for a free case evaluation.